Here’s a challenge. Using the five clues below, identify the company that is being talked about here.

1. My main product has more than 100 years’ history, probably the oldest brand in continuous production.

2. I am in several global indices for my industry, highly respected for governance and disclosure standards. My chairman has been group chairman for more than 20 years. It is unusual in India for a company majority owned by promoter family to have a professional as chairman with 50 years’ career with the firm.

3. Long before Google found a solution, most people used to depend on me for travel within metros.

4. I have more than ₹50,000 crore free float with just 2.5 lakh shareholders. I have delivered more than 20 per cent CAGR to them for a few decades in a row.

5. While most were expecting global majors to challenge my dominance in domestic markets, I have been silently making inroads into global markets and hopefully challenge their global dominance.

Send your answers by Wednesday 6 p.m. to, with your full name, postal address and phone number. A lucky winner in each week will get a book sponsored by UNIFI Capital as a reward.

Last week’s stock: Exide Industries

Last week’s winner: Sukhpreet Kaur