As the noise around quiet quitting grows, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has released a Global Workplace Culture Report that highlights how important a positive work culture is, to retain employees. But the report shows that workers in India are extremely positive about their workplace culture. Eighty seven per cent rated their workplace culture as very good or good. The study was conducted with 9,464 workers from 12 countries. The highest respondents were from the UK (1,031) and from India (1,000).

Globally, 72 per cent of employees rated their workplace culture as very good or good, whereas 20 per cent rated it average, and only 7 per cent rated it poor or very poor.

Despite employees expressing content with their workplace culture, the report suggests organisations to remain vigilant and focus on communication, transparency, and trust within the company. Since 42 per cent of workers globally reported that they have witnessed the inconsiderate or insensitive treatment of a co-worker by a manager in the past year. Six in 10 workers (60 per cent ) actively searching for a job claimed that their organisation’s culture makes it difficult to balance their work and home commitments.

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