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The series covers the top 20 cities gearing up to re-invent themselves as smart cities. Use BusinessLine's interactive map to navigate your way to the stories of tomorrow's smart cities.

(Zoom in and click on the icons in the interactive map below to know more about the smart cities. Click outside the map window and scroll down to see the list below)

(Zoom in and click on the icons in the interactive map above to know more about the smart cities. Click outside the map window and scroll down to see the list below)

1. Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

One of the oldest cities of India, ‘won’ the Smart City Challenge, finishing first among 20 cities chosen by the Union Urban Development Ministry for development under the initiative. Read about the plans that hope to turn Bhubaneshwar's fortunes around, and challenges ahead for the city. Read more:

An ancient temple town seeks to reinvent itself

The Makeover Mission || Towards a child friendly city

2. Pune, Maharashtra

Pune’s pitch for the smart city proposal was prepared by global consultancy firm McKinsey, which was selected on the basis of the Quality- and Cost- based system and was paid Rs2.6 crore for the exercise. The preparation of the report was preceded by a nine-phase, citizen engagement exercise conducted in association with 40 organisations, including the municipal corporation, NGOs, educational institutions and private companies.

Gilding the lily: ‘misplaced priorities’ rankle

Big dreams, big responsibilities: Pune Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar

3. Jaipur, Rajasthan

The Jaipur Smart City project, being implemented at a cost of ₹2,401 crore, will primarily focus on retrofitting and redeveloping an area of 706 acres on either side of the Walled City between the Badi Chopad and Chhoti Chopad.

Read more here:

Pink City blues: getting smart, but at a price || The Makeover Mission

Mindsets need to change: Manjit Singh, Principal Secretary (Urban Development)

4. Surat, Gujarat

Even before Surat was picked for development under the Smart Cities Mission, the city was well down the road of modern urban development. So, what would a Smart Surat be like? Read more here:

A resilient, born-again city is poised to soar

There are long-term benefits: Surat Municipal Commissioner Milind Torawane

5. Kochi, Kerala

The ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’, as Kochi is somewhat grandiosely known, is getting on in years, and age is beginning to tell on her. Civic administrators are, therefore, looking to leverage the Smart City Project to restore some of her lost vitality. The project envisages a pan-city initiative to enhance the quality of life of its residents, through improved living spaces, by ensuring their safety through a network of surveillance cameras, providing rechargeable points for electric vehicles, and providing energy-efficient street lights. Read more about Kochi's plans here:

This ‘queen’ is in desperate need of a facelift

Creating a citizen-friendly city : Mission Director APM Mohammed Hanish

6. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

With the implementation of the Smart City Project, Ahmedabad will come under CCTV surveillance, controlled and monitored centrally. Many areas will have 24x7 water supply and drainage monitoring. Commuters will able to avail of smart cards that can be used on multiple transport modes, including on the proposed Metro. Read more:

A heritage city hopes to define modern living

Our city will be more liveable: Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner

7. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

A sense of victimhood rests heavily on the Mahakoshal area of Madhya Pradesh, of which Jabalpur is the capital. The refrain most often heard is that the region has for far too long been “neglected”, which has spurred demands for statehood. But will things change now that Jabalpur is set to be a smart city? Read more: ||

A new sense of purpose for a ‘neglected’ city || The makeover mission

Focus on inclusive change: Dr Swati Godbole, Jabalpur Mayor

8. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

It was during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US that an announcement was made that Visakhapatnam would be one of three Indian cities to be developed as smart cities with US technical assistance. Read more about Vizag's Smart City project.

City of Destiny grapples with development issues

Not just an elitist showpiece: Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Commissioner

9. Solapur, Maharashtra

The plan for turning Solapur into a smart city was prepared with citizens’ participation (over 2,000 students volunteered for the door-to-door engagement). “Lai sudharna whail (there will be a lot of improvement),” beams Anna Jadhav, a small-time trader who is optimistic that the city will take the fast track to development as a smart city. Here's what Solapur is looking forward to:

At a crossroads, a leap of faith into the future

10. Davanagere, Karnataka

The city’s history dates back to 1000 CE, but in more modern times, it established itself as a famous trade and manufacturing post. Given its vast cotton-growing area and its cotton textile mills, it was known as the ‘Manchester of Karnataka’. But those mills have since stopped spinning. Now it hopes that the Smart City Project, for which it has been picked for development, will catapult it into that tech-based future. Read more:

Recipe for success: butter dosa to better days

People-centric development: Davanagere Deputy Commissioner

11. Indore, Madhya Pradesh

In preparation for the smart city makeover, it has dusted off a 100-year-old master plan, drafted by urban planner Sir Patrick Geddes. Its reprint was unveiled by Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu during the launch of the smart city project on February 13. Read more about how Indore plans to become a smart city.

Fusing a princely past and a ‘smart’ future

Plan has huge public support: Indore Collector P Narahari

12. NDMC, Delhi

NDMC’s smart city proposal aspires to shoot for global benchmark. Under the proposal, the New Delhi City Centre, encompassing Connaught Place and surrounding areas over a 550-acre expanse, will be ‘retro-fitted’ to transform it into a ‘world-class urban area’. What will it entail? Read on to find more:

A capital idea for a world-class city

A smart city in 1,000 days: NDMC Chairman Naresh Kumar

13. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore, the second-largest industrial city in Tamil Nadu (after Chennai), prides itself on being “self-made”. It doesn’t have the patronage of a single public sector undertaking, and yet it has grown into an economic powerhouse –– from engineering, to textiles to jewellery to education to hospitality to IT services –– on the strength of its entrepreneurial spirit. Read:

City that means business aims even higher

14. Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

Over the years, Kakinada has evolved into a nice compact town, but it has no public transport and no pedestrian paths –– and its drainage system is primitive. Predictably, therefore, when the smart city project proposals were being discussed, much of the initial focus of the city’s residents –– as reflected in the citizens’ engagement programmes –– was on addressing these failings. Read on to know more about Kakinada.

Kakinada: ‘Pensioner’s paradise’ goes fishing for more

‘A happening city in the works’

15. Belagavi, Karnataka

As part of the Smart City plan, Belagavi, formerly called Belgaum, plans to protect water bodies in the city, beautify their surroundings and develop them as tourism and recreational areas. Read more about the plan here:

Belagavi: A city on the frontlines reinvents itself

Growth with better liveability: Belagavi Corporation Commissioner G Prabhu

16. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur, with its fairly unique socio-economic profile, will gain much from the project. Read more about Udaipur's plans here:

Heritage city has a tryst with modernity

Focus on better quality of life: Rohit Gupta, Udaipur Collector

17. Guwahati, Assam

Guwahati needs more than good intentions; it has to put its money where its dreams are. Read about Guwahati's Smart City plan:

Guwahati: Along the Brahmaputra, poised for a reset

Guwahati Smart City plan has pan-political support

18. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The city has failed in providing basic services. The challenge now is to deliver on its lofty plans. Read more about Chennai's Smart City plans:

In Chennai, hope hovers on elevated tracks

Public participation is critical: Raj Cherubal, Director–Projects, Chennai City Connect

19. Ludhiana, Punjab

Labels like ‘Bicycle hub of India’ and ‘Manchester of India’ may have defined Ludhiana for long, but the city that was built on the pillars of entrepreneurship seems to have finally got its due. Read about Ludhiana's Smart City plans:

A chill pill for a city choking on ‘affluenza’

21st century is a time for cities: GK Singh, Commissioner, Ludhiana Municipal Corporation

20. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Since the disaster in 1984, the city is yearning to be reborn but not everyone is convinced that the Smart City project is the right recipe for such a reincarnation. Read more about Bhopal's plans and citizens' concern regarding the Smart City project.

City of lakes, hills has a mountain to climb

All our plans are inclusive: BMC Commissioner

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Published on March 02, 2016
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