The American brand, JBL, is popular among Indian consumers, especially its portable speakers and affordable headphones. The JBL Tune Flex is its latest offering, and follows the recent expansion of its True Wireless Stereo (TWS) portfolio.  


The Tune Flex looks sleek and fits well in the ear, with no discomfort on account of the earbud or the stem. The charging case is quite compact and easily fit in my pocket as I went about my daily work routine.  


The JBL Tune Flex was quite easy to pair - open the case and select the earbuds through Bluetooth directly. The JBL Headphones app can be used for selecting the active noise cancellation mode, transparency mode and equaliser settings. It can also be used to customise the profile of the earbuds, while consuming audio and AV content as well as set the gesture controls for the earphones. 

I chose the best fit from the three size options provided. The Flex was able to stay put on the ear and didn’t fall off with brisk walking and short sprints. 


The JBL Tune Flex has touch controls positioned right around the top of the stem on each bud. The tap sensitivity was just right and a simple tap would pause and play music, while a double tap took me to the next track. 

I could trigger the Google voice assistant with a long tap-and-hold on any one of the earbuds. It was able to detect the right search phrase and display the results promptly. 

Audio quality 

The audio quality of the JBL Tune Flex is excellent and has a bass-rich signature. This rendered really well in Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake and the synth drums on Dream State by Voyage. The vocals on most tracks were deep and clear and one could hear the fine instruments in the tracks. 

The ANC is worth the price and is able to effectively cancel noises in the background to a great extent. The droning sound of a water cooler nearby turned into a light hum once the active noise cancellation was turned on. The app can be further used to enhance the ANC as well as transparency mode settings. 

Call quality 

The call quality on the JBL Tune Flex was quite good. While indoors, the person on the other end was able to hear my voice clearly and vice versa. Outdoors, with wind and AC vents in the background, too, both sides were clear, without much background noise being picked up. 

Battery life 

The earbuds were able to deliver close to its rated battery life of 8 hours without ANC and 5-6 hours with ANC on. With the charging case it was able to deliver close to 20 hours additional to the earbuds with ANC in use fulltime. The charging case features a charge level indicator, both on the case as well as the app, which can tell users when to put the case to charge. 


The JBL Tune Flex is one of the best devices if you’re looking for feature-rich TWS earbuds. It offers a lovely, bass-rich sound signature, excellent ANC and a user-friendly app to go with it. 

Price: ₹6,999 

Pros: Rich bass, excellent active noise cancellation 

Cons: No multi-point audio support