Playgo N82: Neckband earphones with decent sound

Mala Bhargava | Updated on: Jan 27, 2021

We normally steer clear of very inexpensive audio gizmos, but the Playgo N82 neckband earphones we were assured had some major features for the price, so we decided to check them out, specially as they seem to be fairly widely available.

The neckband form factor isn’t for everyone because some don’t like the idea of a plastic thingumajig hanging around one’s collar. On the other hand, some don’t like the completely untethered format of TWS earbuds with the danger of their falling out any time.


If you subscribe to the latter category, and you’re on a budget, you might like to consider the Playgo neckband. It’s plastic, of course, and well-built and thankfully not flimsy. Pop it around your neck and you’ll find it’s also quite comfortable, with nothing sharp or pokey anywhere. The earbuds themselves I found a bit awkward and couldn’t find a comfort equation with them. They somehow didn’t seem to have a proper position to settle into.

The buds are medium sized and stick out a bit from the ears, but not unduly. There are two sets of tips in the box, and the usual short short cable — except that it’s the older style of USB, which is a nuisance. USB-C has become quite the standard now and it’s unfortunate to see anything at all come out with the Type A slot.

The buds begin to pair when their power button is turned on and connect with no problem. The other controls include volume up and down which also double up to give a bass boost, and an ANC button. One thing about the buttons is that they’re too shallow and you can never tell if you’ve really pressed them.

Sound & clarity

The N82’s sound decent, the strengths being pretty good clarity, volume (a lot of it) and a definite bit of bass. At this price you can’t expect them to be special and they aren’t, but not bad if you’re on a budget.

The active noise cancellation may as well not be there and is more a button than a feature. It does change the texture of steady noise a bit, but by no means suppresses it.

Don’t consider buying it for noise cancellation, but for offering adequate sound at a good price.

Battery life is not bad either at just over 15 hours.

Price: ₹2,999

Pros: Clear loud sound, comfortable around neck, well built

Cons: Buds not comfortable, Micro-USB, ANC does nothing

Published on January 27, 2021
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