This Oscar Wilde quote describes me the best: Every woman is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself. My friends and colleagues say am soaked in 'oil'. But, I am still learning to count in barrels and smell the gas. This with just the right blend of music and sport.

Richa Mishra

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49 per cent!

A colleague tweeted: Why is that media and women outrage only when there is gang-rape in Mumbai or Delhi? A valid question. In fact, a similar question was asked by a participant in one... »

Public sector – Saab Chalta Hai!

On June 10, around 6 pm, ONGC Videsh Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of public sector explorer and producer, ONGC, announced a $ 2.5 billion buyout of Videocon Industries’ stake in a Mozambique g... »

All that jazz about gas!

I had read somewhere that natural gas pricing is noisy. Then I was amused. Today, I understand a little why it is, as every cent change impacts our electricity and piped gas (used for cooking) bil... »

Namonia spreads!

The BJP leadership seems to have heard my young colleague -- and against all odds, if there were any -- Namonia! has spread. Here I was complaining about how 'Fatigued' I was as a viewer... »

‘Courtesy Calls’ Mukesh Ambani way!

‘Courtesy Call’ for you and me is defined as a social call made for reasons of general courtesy and without a more specific purpose. But, the definition may not be the same when Mukesh A... »

Maa, Behen and Modi!

Love him or hate him but you definitely can’t ignore him. That is Narendra Modi! 2014 elections are definitely going to be interesting. Today, when he spoke at the FICCI Ladies Organisati... »

Rahul Gandhi, the Mr Cool Guy!

Like many I also tuned in to hear Rahul Gandhi address the CII Annual General Meeting. He came across as a cool Gen X politician who is not patronizing. Use of words like ‘guys’, ‘boss’ m... »

Objectifying gender is not ‘jest’

Wish one had the powers to read an ad makers mind then one would have found answers to some pertinent questions. Questions like: Why the peg of the jest is on gender? Is there any checks... »

Common man is not foolish

Aam adami or the common man does not understand the complicated oil economics. All he/she knows is that a sudden change in auto and cooking fuel prices makes the house budget go haywire. ... »

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