Sorry, Angel

Updated on: Apr 13, 2018

Little hill girl, all of eight

Innocent victim of brutal hate

Repeatedly drugged, gang-raped, murdered, cruel fate

Depraved crime, justice should not be late


Hindu-Muslim, the child didn’t know

Grazing horses in the mountain meadow

Fell upon her the evil shadow

Of lives unimaginably low


A house of God is where it took place

Humanity lost its face

Crime so heinous, acts so base

Capital punishment, cries out this case


Nirbhaya redux? It’s worse than that

This crime on the child was a pre-meditated act

To terrorise, drive out the ‘other’, suggests the fact

The perpetrators and the devil made a pact


Morchas, threats, blocking the law’s course

Defending the accused, shouting hoarse

Casting aside all civil mores

Shame washing up the shores


Keep away the politics and truly lead

To the country’s anguish, please pay heed

Statesmanship, action now we need

Swift justice for this unspeakable deed


Anand Kalyanaraman

Published on April 13, 2018
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