The new office marks a significant milestone in Beyond Key’s journey of growth and innovation. Ashish Sankhala, COO at Beyond Key, inaugurated the facility with the chief guest and other members, highlighting the company’s commitment to excellence.

The state-of-the-art office is equipped with modern amenities and advanced technological infrastructure, designed to accommodate the company’s expanding team and support its mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions globally.

The office offers a comprehensive suite of IT services, including digital transformation and product engineering, to clients worldwide. Pune, rapidly establishing itself as a global IT hub, is a prime destination for tech companies and entrepreneurs.

Responding to the growing demand for digital adoption both nationally and internationally, Beyond Key has expanded its footprint by inaugurating this new and larger office.

Commenting on the same belief, Beyond Key’s CEO and Founder,  Piyush Goel, stated, “The role of the new office is to accelerate the company’s growth and enhance its service delivery capabilities. Our expansion to a larger office in Pune is a pivotal step in our journey.”

“This facility will enable us to better serve our clients by leveraging advanced technology and fostering innovation. We are excited about the opportunities this new space will bring and create an environment that nurtures creativity and collaboration.”