Cummins India Limited, one of the leading power solutions company that designs, manufactures, distributes, and services engines and related technologies, has launched an innovative clear air solution — Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) in collaboration with PI Green Innovations Pvt Ltd. 

The product was launched at the Cummins India Campus in Pune in the presence of Shveta Arya, Vice President, Distribution Business and, New and Recon Parts Organization (DBU and NRPO), Cummins India, and Irfan Pathan, Founder and CEO, PI Green Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

As a part of this contract with PI Green, Cummins will be marketing RECD through its vast distribution network in India. RECD is built on filter-less technology and based on electrostatic precipitation fundamentals. It is highly efficient in improving air quality and capturing Particulate Matter (PM) from air with more than 70 per cent efficiency.

Destination Zero emissions

On the launch of the new product, Shveta Arya said, “ The newly launched RECD provides a viable solution for our customers to meet the PM compliance requirement. Our customers and communities depend on our collective response to improve the health of our planet while creating prosperity for all. Considering the ever-increasing carbon footprint, we will continue our efforts towards lowering the emissions across our product range, which is well aligned with our goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.”

Speaking at the launch event, Irfan Pathansaid, “In partnership with Cummins, PI Green Innovations endeavors to address emissions at source and make cleaner air accessible to all.”

RECD’s clear air filterless solution does not require manual cleaning as there is no choking. One of the key advantages of this device is minimal backpressure which ensures the safety of the Cummins engine. This device also does not need any water, chemicals, or solvents, and saves energy as it does not require active regeneration and is not affected by exhaust temperature, the press statement issued by Cummins added.