Geojit Financial Services Ltd is establishing a Centre of Excellence in Sustainability at the Cochin University of Science and Technology. The proposal to set up the centre named Geojit Cusat Centre of Sustainability Studies (GCCOSS) has been approved by the University Syndicate.

In tune with Geojit’s CSR ideology to innovatively use and optimise resources to strengthen the weakest links of the societal strata, to draw them into the cycle of growth, development and empowerment, the centre shall undertake activities towards the well-being of the people, sustainability of the planet, and sustainable economic profit.

Geojit stands committed to providing an endowment of ₹5 crore over a period of four years.

This is one of the biggest industry-academia partnerships in Kerala. The Centre will have six focus areas, namely Research, Academics, Consulting, Capacity Building, Innovation, and Certifications. It will strive to be an autonomous hub for creating high-quality scientists and entrepreneurs while engaging in global collaborations to create the best research output, academic rigour, and technical innovations.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals have emerged as an important agenda for governments as well as corporations. Given the expertise of Cusat in varied disciplines, the Centre has the potential to support research on policy, strategy, and operational aspects of ESG at the Government and Corporate levels. The iconic status Kerala enjoys in the global sustainable development map can be further enhanced using the critical developmental lever of ESG.

GCCOSS proposes to develop and implement general courses/ graduate/post-graduate programmes focused on sustainability and specialised courses on subjects such as climate change, circular economy, and sustainable supply chain with support from technical and scientific departments. It shall also play the role of an innovation hub for such technologies and business models.

The Centre will establish independent rating systems, partnering with standard-setting bodies to provide third-party certifications. It will play the role of a partnership enabler by conducting annual events with support from various stakeholders to provide advocacy and facilitate cross-entity partnerships in line with sustainable development goals.