JoulestoWatts, a talent solutions company plans to hire 15,000 employees this year in a bid to expand on the back of growing demand for tech professionals and a high inflow of captives to India. 

The company has also opened its new office in Bengaluru. It currently has 5,600 employees. Priti Sawant, Founder and CEO, JoulestoWatts, told BusinessLine, “The high demand for tech professionals, inflow of captives in India, and location-agnostic workforce are presenting us opportunities to gear up and help captives set up in India.” 

The new expansion will open up avenues for niche talent, gig experts, specialised talent in advanced tech skills, and management practitioners providing an all-encompassing leadership, leveraging best practices, and delivering value to customers, said the company. 

“Our new corporate headquarters will serve as a talent hub for our talented architects, providing tech-driven solutions for the future of work, thriving on innovation and entrepreneurship. Through this expansion, we hope to positively impact our clients’ businesses across industry verticals with customized solutions, technology-driven services, and rigorous analytics,” Sawant said. 

The opening of this new space will provide jobs and career growth for talented locals, while also contributing to the region’s reputation as a tech centre of excellence, supporting its sister offices across eight countries like Dubai, Singapore, and US, said the company. 

Given the war for talent, great resignation, momentum of the global IT industry, and allied factors assuring rising demand for talent architecture, JoulestoWatts intends to double its consultant’s base.