Global professional services firm KPMG has launched its second Indian ‘KPMG Innovation Kaleidoscope Insights Centre’ in Bengaluru, aimed at fostering collaboration between its teams, clients, startups and strategic partners to develop solutions for dynamic business challenges.

The company currently has 29 insight centres globally, two of which are in India. The firm is currently in the early stages of establishing its next Innovation Kaleidoscope Insights Centre in Gurugram, said Yezdi Nagporewalla, CEO of KPMG in India.

“Our vision for this space is to equip our clients with tools and knowledge necessary to build the future. At the insights center we facilitate intersection between human intellect and cutting-edge technology and aim to drive immersive learning experiences, driving innovation, and nurturing growth,” said Nagporewalla.

The centre also displays solutions in specific sectors, insight-driven solutions demonstrated through AR-VR devices, tax technologies, digital solutions for ESG, and Gen AI solutions across sectors and domains that will address the digital innovation needs of GCCs and clients across sectors.

He added that the Bengaluru Innovation willl cater to the needs of the GCC to create their customised solution based on the CIO and also for industrial manufacturing.

Bengaluru was strategically chosen for KPMG’s second Innovation Kaleidoscope Insights Centre in India. “Bengaluru continues to be a leading hub for both business and technology innovation,” said Supreet Sachdev, office managing partner at KPMG in India’s Bengaluru office. “This immersive workspace will offer a one-of-a-kind experience and showcase all our solutions, drawing on the immense talent, digital expertise and innovative potential available here.”

Currently, KPMG has skilled its in-house teams , to make sure that they can manage the requirements at the centre.

“Of course, if there are any gaps, we will look at hiring in most cases, but at this point in time, it’s mostly our internal talent,” said Nagporewalla.