Kundan Green Energy will develop a greenfield hydropower plant at Rellichu in Sikkim, which is slated to be completed in 2026 and will generate 21 megawatts (MW) of electricity.

“The government of Sikkim has awarded the project to Kundan Green Energy in continuation of the company’s record of executing hydropower projects on best-in-class standards, committed time-frames and optimal results,” the company said.

Once commissioned, the Rellichu hydropower project will take the combined hydropower capacities of Kundan Green Energy to 125 MW from the present 104 MW, it added.

Northeast accounts for 40 per cent of India’s hydropower potential. Of this, Sikkim’s hydropower potential is assessed at an 8,000 MW peak with a firm base of 3,000 MW. With as many as 29 approved hydropower projects in various stages of development, and a 55 MW small hydropower installed capacity, Sikkim has vast potential to generate hydroelectricity, Kundan Green Energy Director Udit Garg said.

“We are enthused to partner with the Government of Sikkim to realize the state’s hydropower potential along best practices,” he added.

With four operating projects totaling 35 MW (which are being enhanced in capacities), in Sikkim at Lower Lagyap, Meyong Chu, Kalex Khola, and Rabum Chu, besides two upcoming projects at Lower Meyong Chu and New Meyong Chu, Kundan Green Energy is a major energy partner to the state of Sikkim.

“A strong and growing presence notwithstanding, the company’s salient strength is execution excellence ---- while the industry average in commissioning plants is 8-10 years, Kundan Green Energy’s mean average, including greenfield plants is a mere 4-5 years,” Garg noted.