Nestle takes to social media on Maggi ‘recall’

Meenakshi Verma Ambwani | | Updated on: Dec 06, 2021


Nestle India has taken to social media to assure its consumers about the quality and safety of Maggi Noodles. The last few days, Maggi noodles issue has been trending across social media networks after authorities in Lucknow asked the company to recall one batch.

On its Facebook and Twitter page, Nestle India wrote, “Dear Fans, your favourite MAGGI Noodles being sold in the market has not been recalled.” It has also been aggressively promoting this message on Twitter.

On its FB page, the company added, “There have been conversations on social media regarding the recall of your favourite Maggi Noodles. We fully understand your concerns and would want to assure you that MAGGI is neither banned nor is there any order to recall the product being sold in the market.”

The company in a statement earlier has said that the one batch of about 200,000 packs of Maggi Noodles manufactured in February 2014, were asked to be recalled by the local authorities in Lucknow and that it is confident that these packs are no longer in the market as they had already reached the “Best Before date” in November 2014.

While Nestle India is filing the requisite representations with the local authorities in Lucknow, as it does not agree with the order, it said it has submitted product samples to an independent accredited laboratory, the results of which it will share with the authorities. The company also said that its own tests have consistently showed lead levels in Maggi Noodles to be within permissible limits.

Social media has had mixed reactions to the whole brouhaha over Maggi Noodles. Just as a reaction to Nestlé’s Facebook post, some followers expressed concerns and stated they would think twice before buying the product. Social media also exploded with jokes, memes as well as followers saying they will start hoarding Maggi if its availability becomes scarce because of the emotional love they had for Maggi.

Published on May 23, 2015
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