Soon, logos of brands such as Maggi, Nescafe, Kitkat and Everyday will be masked-up, in a bid to generate awareness about Covid-appropriate behaviour among consumers.

Nestle India on Monday said it will be tweaking the product packaging that will showcase its key brands “masked-up” to stress on the importance of mask usage. The packaged food major said brands such as Kitkat, Maggi, Nescafe and Everyday will be part of its new “Face of Hope” initiative.

A Nestle India spokesperson said, “Nestle India understands the ‘need of the hour’ and wants to sensitise each and every individual about the one basic practice that we must all follow – masking-up. To remind all of us and to create awareness on this very important safeguard, we have commenced work towards tweaking our product packaging that will see our iconic brands “masked-up”. Our aim is to ensure that this important message gets reinforced every time when consumers look at our products.”

New packaging

The company said that new packaging will begin hitting retail shelves in the next few weeks. The initiative will also be backed through a print and digital campaign.

“By leveraging the power of iconic brands like Maggi, Kitkat, Nescafe, and Everyday, we aim to spread even greater awareness on the importance of masking. Our brands have a rich purpose and in the past as well, packaging changes have been made to reflect important societal messages,” the company spokesperson added.

Since the pandemic outbreak, brands across categories have been increasingly leveraging on their product packaging for various initiatives such as highlighting the role of Covid warriors and generating awareness about Covid-appropriate behaviour.

In 2016, Nestlé India had brought about a change in the packaging of some of its brands to support girl child education in association with Nanhi Kali. Maggi had changed its tagline from “2 minute noodles” to “2 minutes for education”, while Kitkat had changed the visual of the finger snap to one without the break with the line — “No break from education”. Meanwhile, Nescafe had changed the tagline “It all starts with a Nescafe” to “It all starts with education”.