nRoad’s has recorded a 200 per cent growth in revenue and customer base across the Middle East, APAC, and the US in the past year. As a self-funded enterprise, nRoad aims to make substantial investments in the Indian market.

nRoad also plans to augment its workforce by recruiting over 50 individuals, mostly AI engineers, this year. It is set to expand across the Middle East, Singapore, and Australia, with a specific focus on the burgeoning Indian market. Bullish about 2024, nRoad foresees a substantial growth rate of 500 per cent.

Aashish Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, nRoad, said, “As we reflect on the impact of our advanced solutions, empowering numerous US enterprises to glean valuable insights from unstructured data, it is clear that amidst India’s rapid digital transformation, our solutions play a pivotal role in optimizing outcomes. There is incredible potential in the Indian markets and the data being generated by consumers and businesses can be of great value to enterprises operating in India as well as those aiming to be a part of the Indian growth story. The expansion of our Pune office is designed to establish robust local partnerships and make a meaningful contribution to the global tech ecosystem.”

Hrishikesh Rajpathak, CTO, nRoad, said, “The overarching goal is to unravel unstructured enterprise data, generate actionable insights, and envision a future where the collaborative synergy of individuals and AI drives unparalleled success for enterprises.”