As part of its brand and category expansion strategy, Perfetti Van Melle India has tied up with Baskin Robbins India to launch a specially designed ice-cream using its confectionary product, Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly.

The two companies are also exploring options for a long-term association to use the Juzt Jelly ingredient in other product lines that can be retailed at Baskin Robbins.

Said Mandar Keskar, Category Head, Perfetti Van Melle India: “As the category leader, we proactively look at ways of expanding the category and this tie-up is part of those efforts.”

Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly contains about 25 per cent fruit pulp, which allows the product to be used as an ingredient in many recipes, he added. “So the specially designed ice-cream with Juzt Jelly was a natural fit. Traditionally fruits and ice-cream combinations have done well among consumers the world over. This innovation is unique within the confectionery industry in India,” said Keskar.

For now, this specially designed ice-cream will be launched as part of the Baskin Robbins ‘flavour of the month’ programme.

The companies will jointly pool in marketing spends for all co-branding activities.

Rapid growth

According to industry estimates, the jelly confectionary segment was pegged at ₹400 crore in 2014 and has seen rapid growth.

So far this year, the category has witnessed a growth of 35 per cent. Perfetti Van Melle India claims market leadership with an about 50 per cent share.

The two companies worked together for close to eight months for product development.

Nearly 12 different flavours were developed and tested with consumers, before they narrowed down on the one that is being commercially launched.

Sanjay Coutinho, CEO, Baskin Robbins India and South Asia, said the company typically opts for such tie-ups in India and elsewhere to offer consumers a variety of flavours.

Fun products

“We stand at over 570 outlets today and this flavour will be present across all the stores — in standalone formats, malls, multiplexes, airports, among others. There is a lot to gain from this association, as we have a fun interesting product to offer to our consumers, which can be enjoyed both by adults and kids,” he said.

“There is tremendous potential to establish a long-term relationship with a confectionary giant like Perfetti. We can extend the Juzt Jelly ingredient to numerous product lines of Baskin Robbins and rope in newer consumers,” Coutinho added.

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