The outstanding dues of state-run Coal India (CIL) from the power sector rose by 4 per cent on a month-on-month (MoM) basis to ₹15, 824.14 in July this year from ₹15,252.45 crore at the end of June.

During July 2022, India’s overall coal production rose 11.37 per cent year-on-year (YoY) to 60.42 million tonnes (MT) from 54.25 MT in July 2021. At the same time, despatch of the key commodity grew 8.51 per cent YoY to 67.81 MT from 62.49 MT during the same period.

CIL’s production in July 2022 rose by 11 per cent to 47.33 MT, while despatch to the power sector grew 39 per cent to 47.02 MT in the same period.

Coal India recorded a production of 207.09 MT during April-July 2022 from 166.56 MT a year-ago with a growth of 24.33 per cent. The total despatches from the mining behemoth (including for the non-power sector) rose to 232.07 MT from 210.86 MT- an increase of 10.06 per cent- during the same period.

The dues declined consistently during January 2022 (₹15,097.01 crore), February 2022 (₹15,037.32 crore), and March (₹ 12,272.41 crore). However, they started mounting again from April, rising 4.5 per cent MoM to ₹12,819.41 crore, followed by ₹13,825.20 crore in May, and ₹15,252.45 crore in June.

CIL’s average cost of production is ₹1,310.88 per tonne.

Production and despatch

CIL and captive mines/ other registered a growth of 8.17 per cent and 40.78 per cent YoY by despatching 54.54 MT and 9.91 MT of coal, respectively.

The power sector despatch grew 17.09 per cent YoY to 58.45 MT during July this year as compared to 49.92 MT in July 2021 due to increase in power demand. Coal based power generation registered a growth of 4.76 per cent on an annual basis last month. The overall power generation in July 2022 has been 4.29 per cent higher than in July 2021.

The cumulative production and despatch rose to 265.65 MT and 291.32 MT, respectively during April-July 2022 with a growth of 26.44 per cent and 13.05 per cent, respectively on a YoY basis.

Total coal despatches to power plants (including non-CIL coal producing units) have been to the tune of 250.51 MT during April-July 2022, registering a growth of 21.31 per cent as compared to the same period in FY22.

As per data from Posoco, during the April-July 2022 period, India witnessed a sharp increase of 13.93 per cent in power demand on an annual basis. This is attributed to the unprecedented rise in temperature and delay of monsoon especially in the northern region coupled with resumption of full commercial activities in post-Covid time.

Coal based power generation witnessed an increase of 16.13 per cent during April-July 2022, as compared to the same period of FY22.