Spices company MDH Group said its products are safe for consumption and that it does not use ethylene oxide (ETO) at any stage of storing, processing or packing of its spices. The company also said that it has not received any communication from the regulatory authorities of Hong Kong or Singapore.

Earlier this month, Hong Kong’s food safety regulator suspended sale of three of the company’s spice products over alleged presence of ethylene oxide (ETO). It has also suspended sale of one product of brand Everest. This was followed by Singapore food regulator recalling one Everest product.

In a statement, MDH Group said that claims of alleged presence of ETO in its products are “untrue and lack any substantial evidence.” “We reassure our buyers and consumers that we do not use ethylene oxide at any stage of storing, processing, or packing our spices,” MDH added. It added that its 105-year old legacy of providing high-quality spices “emphasises its dedication in maintaining the trust” of its customers.

The company said it reassures its consumers that MDH “abides by health and safety standards, both domestically and internationally.” “ MDH tagline “ Asli Masale Sach Sach, MDH MDH” and “Real Spices of India” reflect the company’s genuine commitment to provide authentic, high-quality spices to their customers,” it added.

Mandatory testing

Following the recall of some spice products initiated by Hong Kong and Singapore, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has launched a sampling and testing drive of spice products of key brands including MDH and Everest in India.

Spices Board of India has sought technical details from authorities in Hong Kong and Singapore regarding this recall. It has also initated mandatory testing of ETO for spices consignments bound for Hong Kong and Singapore and other countries. Mandatory testing of spices for ETO is already in place for exports to the EU and the UK.

Meanwhile, MDH claimed that FSSAI and Spice Board of India have not received any communication or test reports from Hong Kong and Singapore. This reinforces that allegations against MDH are baseless, unsubstantiated, and not backed by any concrete evidence, the statement said.

Earlier, Everest Food Products Pvt Ltd had also said that its products are safe for consumption and undergo stringent quality checks.