Spotify is entering the virtual concert business with a new feature that is meant to provide a live show experience virtually. The auto streaming platform has announced a new concert series. The series of shows includes artists such as The Black Keys, Jack Antonoff of Bleachers, and Leon Bridges which will run from May through June.

These shows are pre-recorded live streams which can be watched using a Spotify account and cost ₹179 per show in India.

Only one ticket per show

Each ticket is linked to a Spotify account. This means, a Spotify user can only purchase one ticket per show. Users who purchase the ticket and do not have a Spotify account will be prompted for a free sign up when purchasing a ticket for the show, as per an FAQ page.

The shows will run 40-75 minutes. It will not be possible to pause, rewind, or download the show to watch at any other time.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the live music industry. Various platforms have taken steps to help artists with virtual experiences.

“All artists will receive a guaranteed fee for their participation in the livestream,” Spotify told TechCrunch.