SRI Capital, an early stage venture capital fund promoted by serial entrepreneur Sashi Reddi, has invested “a few crores” in DreamVu, a camera technology start-up.

The start-up developed a cost-effective omni-directional camera platform inspired by human binocular vision and perception.

Advanced features

“It helps in providing augmented navigation capabilities and a full scene-understanding of unconfined and dynamic environments to autonomous robots,” Jay Krishnan, Partner at SRI Capital and former Chief Executive Officer of tech incubator T-Hub, said.

“Unlike other cameras in the market, our products do not require stitching. They capture the data with minimal processing and power requirements,” Rajat Aggarwal, CEO and Co-founder at DreamVu, said.

The fund has refused to divulge the quantum of the fund, citing non-disclosure agreement with the start-up.

Incubated at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Hyderabad), DreamVu has become the second company that got funded by SRI Capital.

“We will use the funds to innovate further and also take our products to the early adopters as development kits. We are selling to and partnering with system integrators globally to disrupt the autonomous guided robotics landscape” Rohan Bhatial, COO and co-founder at DreamVu, said.