Bengaluru-based Stanley Lifestyles, a leading player in the super-premium and luxury furniture space, is transforming into a full-home solution brand as it plans to scale its luxury arm, Stanley Level Next. 

The IPO-bound company, which launched its luxury arm in 2021, is currently operating in Bengaluru. “We have launched an experience center in Bengaluru and plan to add more in four more cities: Cochin, Hyderabad, Bombay, and Delhi,” said Sunil Suresh, CMD.  

It operates three verticals: Stanley Level Next, Stanley Boutique, and Sofas & More, and claims to have an equal contribution from the all of them. “But going forward, we see higher traction in the premium and luxury segments,” he added.  

Speaking about the market opportunity in the segment, the CMD noted that the paradigm shift from budget housing to premiumisation reflects changing consumer preferences, with a focus on superior homes and furnishings driving the demand. 

Anticipating significant growth, the company believes the housing market will reach a trillion dollars by 2030. With only three per cent of the population owning sturdy (pucca) houses in India, there is ample room for expansion, presenting a substantial opportunity. 

Executing projects with an average ticket size of ₹30–40 lakh, it has completed 165 orders and has an additional 20–30 orders in the pipeline. With the arm, it aims to go beyond furniture and position itself as a complete home solution provider, offering architectural and interior design services. “We have developed almost 700 SKUs of products, and each one can be configured and customized as one wants.” 

Moreover, underscoring the market opportunity within the domestic market, it aims to eventually expand to overseas markets too. “The Indian market offers three solid years of solid growth, and once we have covered ground here and once we have what you call scale, we will definitely want to look at certain markets’ key markets.” 

Its expansion into newer markets offers potential for market share gains, increased brand recognition, and economies of scale. “Going forward, we intend to continue to increase our presence in India while also expanding retail operations outside India, including but not limited to regions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia,” as stated in its DHRP.   

In FY23, consolidated revenue surged by 43.39 per cent to ₹419 crore, attributed to heightened retail sales. Net profit witnessed a 50.65 per cent increase from ₹23.22 crore in fiscal 2022 to ₹34.98 crore in fiscal 2023. 

With 63 retail outlets established across 24 cities, Stanley intends to further expand it to 100 stores in the next two and a half years, aligning with its goal of becoming a prominent player in the luxury home solutions market.