Tata Consumer Products has restructured and rebuilt the research and development(R&D) capabilities of its Bengaluru center in a bid to accelerate the innovation momentum of its products.

The R&D centre includes features such as research and analytical labs, dedicated product development labs, packaging innovation with a retail shelf layout, an innovation kitchen, and a sensory science lab. 

Vikas Gupta, Head, Global R&D, at Tata Consumer Products said, “We have systematically built future proofing R&D and innovation infrastructure in the organisation. Also, we have repurposed and restructured the entire R&D workforce in order to build ourselves for the future.” 

Tata Consumer Products is focusing on various themes such as research and development capabilities, investment in consumer science, and sensory skills, and looking at how health and wellness as a platform can be leveraged going forward, he added. 

3 launches a month

The company said it has witnessed 3.5 times growth in innovation delivery and has made three launches per month on average in H1FY23. Gupta further added, “Our consumer insights and brands team rigorously examines the entire innovation funnel and has resources embedded alongside R&D and marketing operations to drive innovation, allowing us to have a strong pipeline of new ideas.” 

Tata Consumer Products has had several new product launches in new categories. The key launches during FY23 were Tata Coffee Cold Coffee, Coffee Café special, and Tea Gold Saffron in the beverages category. In the foods category, Tata Simply Better, Sampann Yummside, Salt Immuno,  Sampann Hing, and Sampann Pure Spices, were some of the launches. 

In the ready-to-drink category, Tata ORS+, Himalayan Preserves, and Honey, Fruski Juice n Jelly, were the new launches. It is also betting big on the plant-based protein product and has even launched Tata GoFit plant protein.