Ongoing western disturbance activity has brought overnight scattered rainfall over Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday. Wet session in north India may last for two more weeks

The wet session for northwest India may last until February 22, according to short-to-medium outlook by the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction and the European Centre for Medium Term Weather Forecasts.

The week ending February 22 would see the rains of varying spells east India, northeast India and even the coastal regions of West Bengal, Orissa and even parts of Andhra Pradesh.

A concurrent build-up over southern peninsular India oriented to the east would mean that an incoming Bay of Bengal circulation would set up a union with westerlies originating from the opposite direction from northwest India with the ensuing rains showing a bias to spread along the southeast coast but mainly along the Andhra Pradesh coast and further north as mentioned earlier.

The southern peninsula also should have some isolated to scattered rain in the bargain, as per these forecasts.