Ingen Technologies, a fully-owned subsidiary of WRMS, has launched SecuLock, a smart e-lock for live monitoring and prevention of theft and pilferage in milk tankers.

The SecuLock system includes an electronic door-locking device, central server, mobile application, and control devices. The pre-installed tracking device captures and transmits location data to a central server for en-route theft and pilferage prevention and monitoring and the memory stores location data and locking/unlocking data, the company said in a statement.

“We are leveraging our decade-long experience in dairy supply chain management with the launch of SecuLock. SecuLock is a foolproof solution to manage theft and pilferage that amounts to a huge loss every year due to unavailability of potential preventive measures or devices. As a leading technology driven company, we are keen to observe the magnitude of positive change SecuLock will bring in the dairy industry and help dairy partners procure and distribute dairy products in the healthiest and most secure way possible,” said Ashish Agarwal, Co-Founder & CTO, WRMS.

SecuLock and all its components are not physically accessible and thus, can’t be tampered with, the company said. There are also light sensors installed on the device to detect if the lock was activated during the dispatch of the vehicle. The device can only be operated through OTP enabled login, thus, only a designated officer can access the lock.

SecuLock is thus the long-awaited dairy management solution putting to an end the industry’s challenges of adulteration and pilferage. Over 68 per cent of milk and milk products sold don’t conform to FSSAI Standards. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that if adulteration is not checked, 87 per cent of citizens would be suffering from serious diseases by the year 2025.

SecuLock can also be leveraged by other industries like cargo, courier, and companies handling transport of bulk goods from one point to another with high chances of on road theft and adulteration.