High-end cars in India may soon become ‘living space on wheels’, as LG is working on a plan to bring new software solutions – PlayWare and MetaWare in the country. These products, developed by LG, aim to drive the transition to software-defined vehicles.

“We are working with Hyundai and Kia for the global market including India,” Valentine Janiaut, LG Vehicle component Solutions Company’s software solutions leader said in a presentation to the global media here. The new solution has been well accepted in the Korean market already. “We intend to explore collaboration with other companies too,” he added while ruling out any such talks with Maruti Suzuki, an Indo-Japanese joint venture.

After Maruti Suzuki with around 41 per cent market share, Hyundai is placed second with around 14.7 per cent and Kia is number fifth with 6.2 per cent. Janiaut mentioned that since the company is already having collaboration with companies such as Volkeswagen, Renault, Skoda and Mercedes, the software-solution equipped cars from these companies could also be available in Indian market. “Decision about timing etc has to be taken by the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers),” he clarified.

Driving experience

The two solutions are part of LG AlphaWare suite of software. PlayWare is an entertainment platform that enhances the in-vehicle infotainment experience through the delivery of high-definition content and superior sound quality. Leveraging parent company’s partnerships with major streaming apps, sports and news channels, the solution brings TV experience into the car. MetaWare enhances the driving experience by leveraging augmented- and mixed-reality technologies to deliver meaningful information across various displays, from augmented reality head-up displays (AR HUDs) to clusters and central panels. It supports the procedural generation of realistic 3D environments, transforming standard 2D map data into dynamic, immersive visuals. This feature aids drivers in better understanding their car’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and navigation system information, providing a more engaging and intuitive driving experience.

Talking about the need of these products, Janiaut said that based on the survey among consumers, it was found that 58 per cent of drivers, prefer driving without AD, while 43 per cent passenger see cars as form of personal space. “Customers buy experience, not products,” he said while arguing for new solutions. Further, though Indian automobile market is still dominated by two-wheelers (around 75 per cent), there has been a steady growth of passenger vehicles.

Science Park

LG’s Science Park is Korea’s largest R&D complex with more than 10 lakh sq m of floor space (that is the equivalent of 152 football pitches) and about 20,000 people working together. The centre demonstrates various robot solutions in the ‘Heat Zone,’ the smart factory in the ‘Tech Zone,’ and smart technologies including the smart home with the help of cutting-edge technology. Products starting from smart wardrobe to beer brewery machine at home to kitchen garden and to pharmaceutical and beauty products have been displayed there, out of which some are expected to hit the market soon. All the buildings at the park have solar panel at roof, helping meet 8 per cent of the centre’s total energy requirement.

The correspondent is in South Korea on the invitation of LG Electronics