To promote the initiative of Digital India, Indian Railways is encouraging use of digital payments and technology.

Digital payments for purchase of food through catering units at railway stations are being encouraged and 8,878 units provide the facility, the Railways said in a statement on Thursday.

Further, handheld PoS machines have been provided at catering units to generate printed bills and invoices reflecting all details of transactions undertaken and to address the complaints of overcharging.

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At present, 3,081 PoS machines are available on 596 trains. Another, 4,316 static units have been provided with PoS machines.

For widening the range of options available to passengers in trains, e-catering services  have been introduced on Indian Railways. The service is currently available at 310 railway stations through 1,755 service providers and 14 food aggregators, supplying an average number of 41,844 meals per day.

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