The South American State of Bolivia with its proven lithium resources and the United Kingdom with its technology know-how are keen to engage in the country’s electric mobility growth story.

Juan Jose Cortez Rojas, Charge d’ Affairs, Head of Mission for Bolivian in India, said “lithium, a precious metal used for making lithium ion batteries is in huge demand from all over the world and India will need this as it seeks to push the electric mobility.”

“After the meetings between Presidents of India and Bolivia earlier this year, there is growing engagement between the two nations. We look forward to partnering with Indian companies and supplying lithium required for battery making,” he said.

Mentioning about various estimates about the known reserves of lithium in Bolivia at Electric Vehicle Summit 2019, he said Bolivian lithium reserves ranges from 50 to 70 per cent of global reserves . However, there have been reports of some lithium reserves in other countries too..

With lithium mining in the hands of Bolivian Government mining companies, he believes that India could look forward to sustained lithium supply as it expands the EV market.

William Hokinson, Acting Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad and First Secretary British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai said, “Significant research has gone into electric vehicles in the UK and there is potential for businesses, academicians and various research and development institutions to collaborate and work together as we grow the market for EVs.”

He said a Government office has been set up for EV in the UK to bring together various elements of electric mobility.