With one more year to meet the target, the Central Government’s Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), launched for developing urban infrastructure, has completed just 20 per cent of the total projects utilising 3 per cent of the total funds approved.

While States such as Bihar and Assam have not been able to complete even one project, Tamil Nadu tops the list by completing 378 projects. Tamil Nadu is the only State that has completed more than 300 projects.

West Bengal is No 2 in the list with 194 projects completed. Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are the States that have completed more than 50 projects.


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs informed the Lok Sabha this week that under AMRUT, detailed project reports (DPRs) have been approved for 5,421 projects worth ₹78,856 crore. So far, 1,099 projects (20 per cent of DPR approved projects) have been completed, utilising just ₹2,626 crore (3 per cent of the amount).

Work in progress

Contracts have been awarded for 3,222 projects (59 per cent of total approved projects) at a cost of ₹53,319 crore and work is ‘under progress’, according to the Ministry. The government launched AMRUT in 2015 in 500 mission cities with focus on water supply, sewerage and septage management, stormwater drainage, non-motorised urban transport and development of green space and parks. The mission period is up to March, 2020. The total mission outlay is ₹1 lakh crore, including a Central assistance of ₹50,000 crore.


Projects under AMRUT are selected, appraised, approved and implemented by States/Union Territories. The Centre only approves the State Annual Action Plans (SAAPs) submitted by States/UTs and releases assistance as per mission guidelines.

Plans approved

The Ministry has approved all the SAAPs for all States/UTs for the entire mission period for ₹77,640 crore, including Central assistance of ₹35,990 crore.

Under the approved SAAPs, ₹39,011 crore is allocated for water supply projects, ₹32,455 crore for sewerage and septage management projects, ₹2,969 crore for storm water drainage, ₹1,436 crore for non-motorised urban transport and ₹1,769 crore for parks/green spaces in 500 cities.