Greatify, an AI-powered institution management platform, has launched its ExamX and PlaceX models.  ExamX is an AI-based evaluations & examinations solutions software, with a dashboard available for admin, educators, and students. These are also compatible with phones, tablets, and laptops.   

This platform uses AI to create question banks, AI reports, and analytics and allows test delivery and stylus-based evaluation. The software has security, automated grading, adaptive testing, customisable exam formats, and a digital process that lowers the carbon footprint. It also provides analysis and reporting. 

PlaceX is a platform that connects schools, students, and companies. The features include a central placement portal, recruitment process, data analytics, job posting and matching, and AI-powered report generation. 

“Both the modules are redefining the way educational assessments are used, and placements are conducted. Our goal is to make institutions more efficient and effective, where every decision is backed by data, reducing the workload for teachers and management, improving learning outcomes for students, and simplifying involvement for parents. By using our modules, we expect a significant transformation in the ecosystem,” said Dinesh Kumar Poobalan, CEO & CTO of Greatify. 

According to the company, this will expand opportunities for students to gain access to a wide range of relevant job skills, applications, and job opportunities. 

(Inputs from BL intern Meghna Barik)