Akamai state of the Internet report

Our Bureau | | Updated on: Jun 30, 2014

India continues to lag behind in broadband adoption, according to Akamai's first quarter, State of the Internet report.

The country has a 4.9 per cent adoption of broadband, which places it at 85th in the overall rankings. Further, India’s average connection speed saw an average of 1.7 Mbps in Q1 ’14 continued to place India in the lowest rank in the Asia Pacific region, according to the report.

Also, India saw a 26 per cent increase in attack traffic placing them in the top 10 countries with attack traffic globally. Additionally, India and China had one of the lowest readiness rates for Global 4K Ultra HD video at 0.3 per cent and 0.2 per cent respectively, according to the report.

Published on June 30, 2014
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