‘Fixed broadband speed up 50% to 23 Mbps in 2018’

Our Bureau Mumbai | Updated on December 19, 2018 Published on December 19, 2018

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With an average fixed download speed of 23 Mbps, India saw the greatest improvement in fixed broadband speed among the world’s most populous countries in 2018. The fixed broadband speed in the country improved by 50.4 per cent, according to a study by Ookla.

India rose two spots on fixed broadband to 111th fastest and remained in 65th over mobile, according to Ookla’s data platform Speedtest Intelligence from December 2017 through November 2018.

On the mobile side, India ranked at the bottom of the list, but still showed a 15.2 per cent rise in average download speeds. This improvement comes at a quicker pace than mobile speeds in countries such as Indonesia, which had faster average speeds during 2018.

The United States showed the fastest fixed broadband download speed among the world’s most populous countries over the past year. China was second, India and Brazil nearly tie for third and Indonesia followed.

India’s fixed broadband download speed improved most among the world’s five largest countries in 2018. The country showed the largest improvement in mean download speed over fixed broadband of the world’s five largest countries. China was second, Brazil third, the US fourth and Indonesia fifth.

Of the five largest countries in the world, China claimed the fastest average mobile speeds, while the fastest fixed download speeds were found in the US and secondly in China. India trailed in a tie for third fastest fixed speeds with Brazil.

Additionally, Ookla looked at gigabit expansion across the globe and found that many cities saw their first real gigabit Internet expansion in 2018.

The number of gigabit tests in New Delhi rose to 20,239 in 2018 from a meagre 119 in 2017, while that in Chennai rose to 57,840 from the earlier 763.

Brazil occupied a middle ground for mobile download speed among the world’s most populous countries and showed the fastest rate of increase. India and Indonesia were at the bottom of this list.

While the two nations show similar mobile download speeds to each other, India’s mobile download speed is improving much more quickly than Indonesia’s, the study said.

Published on December 19, 2018
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