Multi-factor authentication in Twitter

We have all heard of Twitter accounts being hacked and embarassing tweets going out from them. Most of the time, people realise the account has been hacked only after a few tweets that are not theirs go out.

Multi-factor authentication is one way of ensuring hackers don't get hold of your Twitter account.

How do you do it?

First go to your profile (click on your display picture)

Then go to Settings and Privacy.

Click on Account.

In the page that opens, under Security, click on 'Verify login requests'. If you haven't already registered a mobile number in Twitter, it will ask you to register one.

Once this is enabled, every time you log in, Twitter will send a SMS message with a code to your mobile number that you'll need to access your account.

You will also see an option to use an authenticator app to generate a time-based passcode that can be used to access your account. You can use Google Authenticator, Authy or any other authentication app you like.

You can also access the passcode by going to Settings and Privacy (this you will get once you click your profile picture), Account - Security - Login code generator.

You should also use the Generate back up code option. Store this backup code somewhere safe - print it, write it down, or save a screenshot.

If you ever lose access to your device, you can use this code to verify your identity. This code can only be used once. Once you use it, you have to generate another code from Twitter.