Pune-based Zensar CEO Sandeep Kishore spoke to BusinessLine about the need for the IT industry to reskill.

What’s your sense on how the industry will fare going forward?

There is a growing interest among global companies to ascertain the actual returns from investments. The market is getting divided by the speed at which enterprises lead with their digital transformation. To that effect, we have to help clients deliberate not only on executing digital programmes, but also realising the return on their Digital investments.

What is return on digital and how do you quantify it?

Return on digital is about focusing on business outcomes. It covers key aspects like automation, analytics, customer experience, business resilience and others. The objective should be to connect all enterprise systems. For enterprises to be successful in the long run, they will need to focus on digital agility, cross-over IT & business processes and stability of core systems.

There is a general sense that engineering graduates are not ready for the kind of transition that you are talking about..

The talent pool is large and if they can be honed on top of their basic skillsets, I think the transition can be done. The problem lies in understanding our clients’ business, which itself is changing rapidly.

There is a lot of talk about automation taking away white collar jobs...

We do see talent playing a key role Robotic Process Automation, analytics, security, IoT, Humans can still bring in a perspective that machines cannot.