Chennai and US-based marketing SaaS platform HighPerformr has raised $3.5 million in seed funding in a round led by Venture Highway with participation from Neon, DeVC, and angel investors. 

The SaaS firm plans to use the funds to step up R&D to further develop Highperformr’s native AI capabilities, hire product and engineering talent in India, and build a strong distribution network. HighPerformr is co-founded by Srivatsan Venkatesan and Ramesh Ravishankar, who spent years building CRM products at Freshworks. 

Highperformr for Teams

The fundraising also coincides with the official launch of the company’s first product -Highperformr for Teams- a social media management platform designed to help B2B businesses manage their social media marketing efforts.

HighPerformr already has around 10 customers for the product that also has a Gen AI layer and helps companies engage better with prospects and understand competition. It also supports social publishing, scheduling, and crossposting and social AI-driven analytics and insights among others. 

Venkatesan, Co-founder & CEO, Highperformr, told businessline that the platform is designed to empower B2B businesses to unlock the full potential of social media for sales lead generation and conversions at a time when most B2B digital marketing is restricted to other avenues such as Google Ads.  

“About 95 per cent of users who are not actively searching for products online are often overlooked in demand generation strategies. We’re flipping the script by focusing on the 95 per cent of users who are not actively searching for products online,” Ravishankar, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Highperformr, said.