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iGame, therefore I am!

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You can’t pack your Xbox or PlayStation with you on your holiday. But you can definitely convert your iPhone or iPad into a mobile gaming console with these devices!

Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery

If you are looking for a controller only for an iPhone 5/5s, or a fifth-generation iPod touch, then you should try it out. The PowerShell controller is actually a case that can accommodate the iPhone 5, 5s or the fifth-generation iPod Touch. The controller also comes with a 1,500mAh battery that adds to the device’s battery backup while gaming on the go. For gaming controls, the Logitech Powershell Controller packs a four-way directional-pad, shoulder triggers and face buttons. The interface is very simple and old-time gamers will love the console’s familiarity with old-generation console remotes.

The console is designed in such a way that users can get complete access to the screen while gaming too. And while the device is snapped on to the console, users can access all the hardware buttons. In addition, the device can recharge both batteries without removing the phone from the controller.

Rs 8,995

Moga Ace Power

If you want something more than the basic Logitech controller, you ought to try this. Moga’s new gaming controller for iOS devices is compatible with iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. The snap-on case is also compatible with the fifth-generation iPod touch. Apart from the standard D-pad, shoulder triggers and face buttons, the Ace Power also packs in two analog sticks – the advantage is more flexibility in genres such as first-person shooters or open-world games.

The console is even ergonomically designed to have grippy stocks like a traditional console remote. When the device is not locked in, the console can be folded in, helping you save space. The Ace Power console also has a built-in 1,800mAh battery pack, which you can use to boost your device’s charge.


SteelSeries Stratus

But if you like playing on a bigger iOS screen, say the iPad or the iPad Mini, there aren’t any handheld snap-on controllers in the market. There’s nothing that can convert your iPad into an iOS equivalent of the Razer Edge Pro. However, the SteelSeries Stratus can give you the joys of playing Grand Theft Auto on your iPad just as you would on a console-and-TV combo. SteelSeries Stratus is a Bluetooth iOS 7 MFi game controller. Just prop-up your iPad and you can make use of the controller’s two analog sticks, a D-pad, four shoulder buttons and four face buttons for gaming.

The Stratus can be used with an iPad (Mini, Mini Retina, iPad Air, 4th-gen iPad), or even with an iPhone (5, 5s and 5c) or the fifth-gen iPod Touch


Published on March 12, 2018

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