Telegram Messenger has launched a host of new features in its latest update.

These include custom notification sounds, custom mute durations, new auto-delete menu in profiles, web integration for BOTs, replies in forwarded messages, improved message translations on iOS, and improved picture-in-picture on Android, among others.

Users can turn any sound into a notification tone, whether it is a short audio file or a voice message. 

“They can also create custom alerts through any music or memes. Sounds added in the notification sound list can be assigned to any chat,” a company release said.

It tones currently support audio files and voice messages under five seconds and up to 300 KB.

The custom mute durations allow users to mute notifications for set periods.

The platform already allows muting chats for eight hours or two days. 

“Each chat has a streamlined menu for modifying alerts,” the company said. From disabling sound for silent notifications, to turning off notifications completely.

The auto-delete menu in profiles will enable flexible timer settings — from a few days to months — for auto-delete of chats.

For replies in forwarded messages, users can swipe left on any message to reply to it. The reply will include a small preview, which can be tapped to jump to the original message. 

Reply previews will now be included when forwarding messages to other chats. Users can also hide the sender’s name or media captions.

The web integration for BOTs gives bot developers tools to create flexible interfaces with JavaScript. 

With this, “Telegram bots can completely replace any website. The new interfaces can be programmed to match a user’s theme — adjusting colour schemes in real-time, for example, when switching between Day and Night modes or setting custom themes,” it explained.

Telegram BOTs could alreadyhandle small tasks like chat management — adding extra features, automating processes, or helping moderators, the company said, adding, “users can now quickly add bots to their group or channel right from the bot’s profile and instantly configure rights and permissions for the bot.”

The in-app translation feature for iOS devices has been expanded to support quality translations from more languages, such as Ukrainian.

The picture-in-picture improvements for Android enables pinch to change size and tap X to quickly close it, besides offering a new rounded design.

The interface for changing phone numbers in Settings will now feature animated ducks that walk you through the process. 

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