Launched on August 21, 2023, this solution is set to redefine transportation in Memphis, USA, by delivering commuters a seamless and user-friendly travel experience.

MATA’s Next Generation Fare System (NGFS), an Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system, has been integrated with Datamatics’ AFC platform, TruFare, to create the GO901 Smart Card system. This integration facilitates effortless ticket purchases at counters with smart card loading and enables contactless travel. In addition, Datamatics has positioned commuter-friendly kiosks throughout the city, ensuring hassle-free Smart Card top-ups.

The GO901 Smart Card empowers commuters to load cash and trips onto their cards. For those who prefer cash payments, Datamatics has deployed kiosks across the city, enabling ticket vending and loading cash and transit products onto Smart Cards. Moreover, more than 300 stores across Memphis will offer the convenience of selling and loading Smart Cards.