Persistent Systems Ltd has launched Persistent iAURA to address data challenges in the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), using AI and machine learning (ML) to uncover hidden patterns for data-driven decision-making, business intelligence, and automated data quality assurance. 

The iAURA portfolio includes iAURA Insights, which enables teams to extract business insights from data using natural language; iAURA Migrate, which automates migration and modernisation of data technologies using GenAI-enabled tools; and iAURA Platforms, which assists clients in managing tool choice, governance, security, and cost through data and AI platform services. 

The company gave the example of a pharmaceutical company that could accelerate proposal response time by 90 per cent using iAURA Insights.  

Nandini Tare, Associate Practice Lead, Digital Engineering, HFS Research, said, “Data plays a critical role in GenAI solutions; accessing enterprise data and driving insights from it is one of the challenges that organisations face in today’s fast-paced technology landscape. Persistent’s iAURA unlocks the true potential of data. It drives growth by empowering organisations to make informed data-driven decisions. Its seamless integration and compatibility with all hyperscalers bring flexibility of infrastructure.”

However, the shares were down by 1.21 per cent to ₹3,350 on the BSE.