Intellect Design Arena Ltd has announced the launch of its first principles technology suite,, for technology-suave bankers in the Middle East and Africa.

According to the company’s statement, the suite will help financial institutions transform technology, leveraging marketplaces like IDC, iKredit360, digital transaction banking, digital wealth management, and insurance from BankTech Wave 3 to Wave 5. It empowers banks with 329 micro-services, 1757 APIs and 353 events for them to build technology solutions.

Commenting on the launch, Arun Jain, CMD and Chief Architect of Intellect Design Arena, said, “Intellect’s Technology leveraged the smartness of the Cloud to design banker’s own composable business impact solutions based on event-driven architecture, ready to use deeply rich functional Microservices and scores of API on Cloud Headless. Combining these 4 principles creates a magical name for our Technology - eMACH - Events, Microservices, APIs, Cloud and Headless.”

Intellect Design Arena stock surged by 5.26 per cent on the NSE to trade at ₹940.75 as of 2:27 pm on Friday.