Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cross-currency Rates

As on : November 20, 2018

Pound Sterling ( 1 Pound Sterling is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees91.82
Australian Dollar1.7668
Canadian Dollar1.6952
Danish Kroner8.3904
Hong Kong Dollar10.0707
Indonesian Rupiah18751.2763
Japanese Yen *144.5904
New Zealand Dollar1.875
Norwegian Kroner10.916
Singapore Dollar1.7646
South Korean Won1448.9838
Swedish Kroner11.597
Swiss Franc1.2763
Thai Baht42.3645
US Dollar1.2857
Chinese Yuan8.9324
Arab Emirates Dirham5.2292
Euro (1 Euro is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees81.68
Australian Dollar1.5715
Canadian Dollar1.5078
Danish Kroner7.4631
Hong Kong Dollar8.9577
Indonesian Rupiah16678.7829
Japanese Yen *128.6094
New Zealand Dollar1.6678
Norwegian Kroner9.7095
Pound Sterling0.8895
Singapore Dollar1.5696
South Korean Won1288.8342
Swedish Kroner10.3152
Swiss Franc1.1353
Thai Baht37.6821
US Dollar1.1436
Chinese Yuan7.9451
Arab Emirates Dirham4.6513
US Dollar (1 US dollar is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees71.42
Australian Dollar1.3742
Canadian Dollar1.3185
Danish Kroner6.526
Hong Kong Dollar7.8329
Indonesian Rupiah14584.4395
Japanese Yen *112.46
New Zealand Dollar1.4584
Norwegian Kroner8.4903
Pound Sterling0.7778
Singapore Dollar1.3725
South Korean Won1126.9961
Swedish Kroner9.02
Swiss Franc0.9927
Thai Baht32.9504
Chinese Yuan6.9475
Arab Emirates Dirham4.0672
Canadian Dollar (1 Canadian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees54.17
Australian Dollar1.0423
Danish Kroner4.9496
Hong Kong Dollar5.9408
Indonesian Rupiah11061.4662
Japanese Yen *85.2945
New Zealand Dollar1.1061
Norwegian Kroner6.4394
Pound Sterling0.5899
Singapore Dollar1.041
South Korean Won854.7624
Swedish Kroner6.8411
Swiss Franc0.7529
Thai Baht24.991
US Dollar0.7584
Chinese Yuan5.2693
Arab Emirates Dirham3.0847
Swiss Franc (1 Swiss Franc is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees71.94
Australian Dollar1.3843
Canadian Dollar1.3282
Danish Kroner6.5739
Hong Kong Dollar7.8904
Indonesian Rupiah14691.6479
Japanese Yen *113.2867
New Zealand Dollar1.4691
Norwegian Kroner8.5527
Pound Sterling0.7835
Singapore Dollar1.3826
South Korean Won1135.2806
Swedish Kroner9.0863
Thai Baht33.1926
US Dollar1.0074
Chinese Yuan6.9985
Arab Emirates Dirham4.0971
Japanese Yen* (100 Japanese Yen are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees63.51
Australian Dollar1.2219
Canadian Dollar1.1724
Danish Kroner5.8029
Hong Kong Dollar6.965
Indonesian Rupiah12968.5522
New Zealand Dollar1.2968
Norwegian Kroner7.5496
Pound Sterling0.6916
Singapore Dollar1.2204
South Korean Won1002.1303
Swedish Kroner8.0206
Swiss Franc0.8827
Thai Baht29.2997
US Dollar0.8892
Chinese Yuan6.1777
Arab Emirates Dirham3.6166
Danish Kroner (1 Danish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.94
Australian Dollar0.2106
Canadian Dollar0.202
Hong Kong Dollar1.2003
Indonesian Rupiah2234.8377
Japanese Yen *17.2327
New Zealand Dollar0.2235
Norwegian Kroner1.301
Pound Sterling0.1192
Singapore Dollar0.2103
South Korean Won172.6946
Swedish Kroner1.3822
Swiss Franc0.1521
Thai Baht5.0491
US Dollar0.1532
Chinese Yuan1.0646
Arab Emirates Dirham0.6232
Swedish Kroner (1 Swedish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees7.92
Australian Dollar0.1524
Canadian Dollar0.1462
Danish Kroner0.7235
Hong Kong Dollar0.8684
Indonesian Rupiah1616.9083
Japanese Yen *12.4679
New Zealand Dollar0.1617
Norwegian Kroner0.9413
Pound Sterling0.0862
Singapore Dollar0.1522
South Korean Won124.9448
Swiss Franc0.1101
Thai Baht3.6531
US Dollar0.1109
Chinese Yuan0.7702
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4509
Norwegian Kroner (1 Norwegian Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees8.41
Australian Dollar0.1619
Canadian Dollar0.1553
Danish Kroner0.7686
Hong Kong Dollar0.9226
Indonesian Rupiah1717.7864
Japanese Yen *13.2458
New Zealand Dollar0.1718
Pound Sterling0.0916
Singapore Dollar0.1617
South Korean Won132.74
Swedish Kroner1.0624
Swiss Franc0.1169
Thai Baht3.881
US Dollar0.1178
Chinese Yuan0.8183
Arab Emirates Dirham0.479
New Zealand Dollar (1 New Zealand $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees48.97
Australian Dollar0.9423
Canadian Dollar0.9041
Danish Kroner4.4749
Hong Kong Dollar5.371
Indonesian Rupiah10000.6126
Japanese Yen *77.1143
Norwegian Kroner5.8218
Pound Sterling0.5333
Singapore Dollar0.9411
South Korean Won772.7861
Swedish Kroner6.185
Swiss Franc0.6807
Thai Baht22.5942
US Dollar0.6857
Chinese Yuan4.7639
Arab Emirates Dirham2.7889
Australian Dollar (1 Australian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees51.97
Canadian Dollar0.9595
Danish Kroner4.7489
Hong Kong Dollar5.6999
Indonesian Rupiah10613.0284
Japanese Yen *81.8366
New Zealand Dollar1.0612
Norwegian Kroner6.1783
Pound Sterling0.566
Singapore Dollar0.9988
South Korean Won820.1098
Swedish Kroner6.5638
Swiss Franc0.7224
Thai Baht23.9779
US Dollar0.7277
Chinese Yuan5.0556
Arab Emirates Dirham2.9597
Singapore Dollar (1 Singapore $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees52.04
Australian Dollar1.0012
Canadian Dollar0.9606
Danish Kroner4.7548
Hong Kong Dollar5.707
Indonesian Rupiah10626.0976
Japanese Yen *81.9374
New Zealand Dollar1.0625
Norwegian Kroner6.1859
Pound Sterling0.5667
South Korean Won821.1197
Swedish Kroner6.5719
Swiss Franc0.7233
Thai Baht24.0074
US Dollar0.7286
Chinese Yuan5.0619
Arab Emirates Dirham2.9633
Hong Kong Dollar (1 HongKong $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees9.12
Australian Dollar0.1754
Canadian Dollar0.1683
Danish Kroner0.8332
Indonesian Rupiah1861.9563
Japanese Yen *14.3575
New Zealand Dollar0.1862
Norwegian Kroner1.0839
Pound Sterling0.0993
Singapore Dollar0.1752
South Korean Won143.8806
Swedish Kroner1.1516
Swiss Franc0.1267
Thai Baht4.2067
US Dollar0.1277
Chinese Yuan0.887
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5192
Thai Baht (1 Thai Baht is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees2.17
Australian Dollar0.0417
Canadian Dollar0.04
Danish Kroner0.1981
Hong Kong Dollar0.2377
Indonesian Rupiah442.6179
Japanese Yen *3.413
New Zealand Dollar0.0443
Norwegian Kroner0.2577
Pound Sterling0.0236
Singapore Dollar0.0417
South Korean Won34.2028
Swedish Kroner0.2737
Swiss Franc0.0301
US Dollar0.0303
Chinese Yuan0.2108
Arab Emirates Dirham0.1234
Indonesian Rupiah* (100 Indonesian Rupiah are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees0.49
Australian Dollar0.0094
Canadian Dollar0.009
Danish Kroner0.0447
Hong Kong Dollar0.0537
Japanese Yen *0.7711
New Zealand Dollar0.01
Norwegian Kroner0.0582
Pound Sterling0.0053
Singapore Dollar0.0094
South Korean Won7.7274
Swedish Kroner0.0618
Swiss Franc0.0068
Thai Baht0.2259
US Dollar0.0069
Chinese Yuan0.0476
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0279
South Korean Won* (100 South Korean Won are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees6.34
Australian Dollar0.1219
Canadian Dollar0.117
Danish Kroner0.5791
Hong Kong Dollar0.695
Indonesian Rupiah1294.0984
Japanese Yen *9.9787
New Zealand Dollar0.1294
Norwegian Kroner0.7534
Pound Sterling0.069
Singapore Dollar0.1218
Swedish Kroner0.8004
Swiss Franc0.0881
Thai Baht2.9237
US Dollar0.0887
Chinese Yuan0.6165
Arab Emirates Dirham0.3609
Chinese Yuan (1 Chinese Yuan is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.28
Australian Dollar0.1978
Canadian Dollar0.1898
Danish Kroner0.9393
Hong Kong Dollar1.1274
Indonesian Rupiah2099.2444
Japanese Yen *16.1872
New Zealand Dollar0.2099
Norwegian Kroner1.2221
Pound Sterling0.112
Singapore Dollar0.1976
South Korean Won162.2168
Swedish Kroner1.2983
Swiss Franc0.1429
Thai Baht4.7428
US Dollar0.1439
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5854
Arab Emirates Dirham (1 Arab Emirates Dirham is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees17.56
Australian Dollar0.3379
Canadian Dollar0.3242
Danish Kroner1.6045
Hong Kong Dollar1.9259
Indonesian Rupiah3585.8689
Japanese Yen *27.6505
New Zealand Dollar0.3586
Norwegian Kroner2.0875
Pound Sterling0.1912
Singapore Dollar0.3375
South Korean Won277.094
Swedish Kroner2.2177
Swiss Franc0.2441
Thai Baht8.1015
US Dollar0.2459
Chinese Yuan1.7082
Indian Rupees (1 Rupee is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Australian Dollar0.0192
Canadian Dollar0.0185
Danish Kroner0.0914
Hong Kong Dollar0.1097
Indonesian Rupiah204.2067
Japanese Yen *1.5746
New Zealand Dollar0.0204
Norwegian Kroner0.1189
Pound Sterling0.0109
Singapore Dollar0.0192
South Korean Won15.7798
Swedish Kroner0.1263
Swiss Franc0.0139
Thai Baht0.4614
US Dollar0.014
Chinese Yuan0.0973
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0569
* for 100 units

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Published on November 20, 2018
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