Muthoot Finance has launched Milligram Reward Programme for its customers wherein transactions with the company will be rewarded with a certain amount of milligram reward points.

With this, the company has emerged as the first gold loan NBFC to launch a new reward programme, which aims to strengthen the relationship between customers and bring back the inactive customers.

Customers can participate in this two-year long programme wherein, for the first time in India, a loyalty programme will be run in 24 carat gold. Every customer referral transaction with the company will earn 20 mg of gold as well. Annually, ₹50 crore worth gold (100 kg) is expected to be paid off through the programme.

There are multiple criteria attached to different schemes and transactions to win these gold points. The company believes that the launch of this programme will further boost consumer participation and engagement.

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George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director said, “our customers have always motivated us to keep innovating and offer a premium consumer experience. They have significantly contributed to our growth journey. This reward system is a small way to express our gratitude towards their relentless trust and loyalty over the years. We also hope that this initiative will further inspire a new set of customers to do business with Muthoot Group”.

The company also offers a chance to their existing customers’ 20 milligram gold points per referral for referring new customers to Muthoot Finance. Any of the existing customers can refer in person and submit a referral form at Muthoot Finance branch or through online web portal ( The Milligram Gold Points will be then credited to the referrer. The redemption of these gold coins is subject to certain procedures and terms and conditions.