Dive into the intricacies of India’s tax landscape with businessline’s special podcast series marking a decade of NDA governance. In this insightful episode, Parvatha Vardhini C hosts a conversation with esteemed guest Ved Jain, a seasoned chartered accountant with over four decades of experience and past president, ICAI.

The episode delves into the evolution of income tax policies under the NDA government, examining their impact and implications. Jain, drawing from his vast expertise, provides a comprehensive analysis of the government’s tax reforms. Jain highlights the remarkable strides made in leveraging technology to streamline tax processes, making compliance more accessible for taxpayers.

As the conversation unfolds, Vardhini navigates through critical topics such as the effectiveness of faceless assessment appeals and the challenges and opportunities presented by widening the tax base. Jain shares valuable insights on maintaining a delicate balance between tax reforms and taxpayer trust, emphasising the need for continuous evolution and simplification of tax laws.

Listeners gain valuable perspectives on the role of tax reforms in fostering economic growth, attracting investments, and ensuring equitable tax burdens. The episode concludes with a nuanced exploration of potential avenues for future tax reforms, including the possibility of adjusting tax slabs and addressing challenges in agriculture taxation.

Through illuminating anecdotes and expert analysis, this podcast episode offers a deep dive into India’s tax journey under the NDA government, shedding light on its achievements, challenges, and the path forward in shaping a robust tax ecosystem for the nation.