In this podcast, BusinessLine’s Jyoti Banthia delves into the realm of climate tech investments in India with Angad Daryani, founder and CEO at Praan, and Seema Chaturvedi, founder of AWE Funds.

Over the past few years, climate tech investments in India have been on the rise, albeit not yet reaching the desired growth stage. To shed light on the sector’s nuances and prospects, Banthia poses the first question to Chaturvedi, acknowledging the impressive growth trajectory of funds and investments. Chaturvedi attributes this surge to a heightened awareness of the urgent need to address climate change’s negative impact. She emphasises the emergence of frugal innovations in India, presenting solutions that not only cater to domestic climate challenges but also have the potential for global impact.

Daryani echoes the excitement, highlighting India as a strategic hub for building climate-tech solutions. He emphasises the unique advantage India holds in terms of unit economic oversight in manufacturing, which is challenging to achieve in China. The discussion then shifts to the challenges faced by climate tech startups in securing growth-stage investments, with both guests pointing to the need for larger checks and increased attention from investors.

The conversation unfolds with insights into groundbreaking innovations emerging from India. Daryani shares examples of paradigm-shifting technologies, such as filterless air purification and innovative battery technology, positioning India as a source of frugal innovations with global scalability

Moving forward, the speakers discuss challenges faced by the sector, emphasising the importance of corporate partnerships and the need for scalability beyond the early stages. They highlight the role of networks and connections in navigating the complex landscape of climate tech investments in India. Listen in.

(Host: Jyoti Banthia, Producer: Nabodita Ganguly)

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