From entry-level buyers to aspirational middle-class families, the demand for housing spans across various income brackets, showcasing a remarkable shift in mindset and purchasing power, says Pankaj Narang, Co-Founder & Director, Blitzkrieg Co., in conversation with businessline’s Abhishek Law.

Narang starts by shedding light on the evolving consumer preferences driven by changing landscapes and growing aspirations. He also highlights the robust demand across price points, illustrating a broad-based growth trajectory. Moreover, he emphasises the role of developers in meeting the diverse needs of consumers and adapting to market dynamics.

Transitioning to the commercial real estate sector, the discussion explores emerging opportunities in segments such as warehousing, shared office spaces, and retail. Narang highlights the significance of warehousing infrastructure amidst the rise of e-commerce and logistics, presenting a compelling case for investors seeking stable returns.

The conversation touches upon the evolving landscape of commercial office spaces and retail outlets, driven by changing consumer behaviors and preferences. From co-working spaces to experiential retail, Narang outlines the key trends shaping the future of commercial real estate in India.

The conversation ends by providing valuable insights into the investment landscape within the real estate sector. With a focus on rental yields and emerging opportunities, Narang offers guidance to investors looking to navigate the dynamic market landscape.

Host: Abhishek Law, Producer: Amitha Rajkumar


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