Digital Public Infrastructures (DPIs)play a major role in India’s digital economy‘s growth. It emerges as a cornerstone for future growth. In this State of the Economy podcast, businessline’s Anjana PV speaks to Achyuta Ghosh, Senior Director & Head- Insights, Nasscom, on the importance of DPIs based on Nasscom’s ‘India’s Digital Public Infrastructure - Accelerating India’s Digital Inclusion report. The report was drafted by Nasscom and Arthur D. Little.  

DPIs, encompassing networks and platforms facilitating citizen access to social services, are pivotal in India’s digital transformation agenda. As articulated by Ghosh, DPIs represent a tripartite structure: the infrastructure layer, solution layer, and the digital public infrastructure layer. This layered approach depicts the interoperability and citizen-centric design, creating an ecosystem conducive to innovation and problem-solving. 

However, amidst the optimism, challenges loom, notably the need for proactive policy support and regulatory clarity. The lack thereof inhibits seamless integration and data exchange across disparate systems, hindering the full realisation of DPIs’ potential. Addressing these challenges necessitates concerted efforts from stakeholders, spanning government, corporates, and startups. 

Furthermore, the podcast discussed the pivotal role of DPIs in India’s ambitious economic aspirations. With projections suggesting a significant boost to GDP by 2030, driven by DPIs, the imperative for inclusive growth becomes apparent. Bridging the digital divide, enhancing digital literacy, and fortifying data privacy measures emerge as imperative steps towards fostering a thriving digital society. 

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission emerges as a beacon of transformative potential, poised to revolutionise healthcare delivery and contribute substantially to India’s growth trajectory. Its integration with DPIs underscores the multifaceted impact of these infrastructures on various sectors. 

Ghosh points out to think globally and ambitiously about DPIs. Beyond national boundaries, DPIs hold the promise of global scalability, catalysing inclusive growth on a monumental scale. In envisioning this future, collaboration, innovation, and steadfast commitment are paramount, paving the way for a digitally empowered India and beyond.

(Host & Producer: Anjana PV, Edits: Siddharth Mathew Cherian)