In this state of the Economy Podcast, Hamsini Karthik and Prashant Joshi, the Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking at DBS Bank India, and Pushan Sharma, Director of Research at CRISIL Market Intelligence and Analytics discuss a groundbreaking report on how women are shaping the financial landscape. 

The podcast explores the motivations behind the report, emphasising the growing significance of understanding women’s financial behavior in the changing economic landscape. 

Hamsini talks about the myths surrounding women and finance. Prashant and Pushan share insights into the factors that prompted the study, such as the evolving role of women in the workforce. They debunk stereotypes and shed light on the reality that women are actively involved in long-term family decisions, challenging traditional notions about financial dependence. 

The discussion also looks at the adoption of credit cards among women, uncovering surprising trends across different metro cities. 

The podcast also addresses women’s investment choices, from traditional avenues like fixed deposits and savings accounts to emerging interests in cryptocurrencies. Prashant and Pushan discuss the gender-neutral nature of risk communication and how banks tailor their wealth management strategies based on individual preferences and risk profiles. 

In the final segment, the podcast explores regional differences in financial behaviour, with a spotlight on Kolkata’s unique patterns. The guests emphasise the need for geographic tailoring of conversations and products, acknowledging the diversity in financial preferences across different cities. 

(Host: Hamsini Karthik, Producers: Nabodita Ganguly, Anjana P V, Siddharth MC)

About the State of the Economy Podcast

India’s economy has been hailed as a bright spot amid the general gloom that seems to have enveloped the rest of the world. But several sectors continue to stutter even as others seem set to fire on all cylinders. To help you make sense of the bundle of contradictions that the country is, businessline brings you podcasts with experts ranging from finance and marketing to technology and start-ups.