In recent months, the soaring prices of everyday staples like tomatoes and onions have made headlines, causing concern among consumers and farmers alike. Farmers have grappled with the uncertainty of prices, leading to concerns about their livelihoods. Fortunately, a potential solution has emerged in the form of India’s food processing sector.

In this episode of the State of Economy Podcast Subramani Ra Mancombu delves into the world of food processing in India, where he explores its advantages, drawbacks, and future prospects. He is joined by Vicky Dodani, the founder of Agrizy, an agri-startup.

India’s food processing sector is a behemoth, with an expected output of $535 billion by 2025-26, making it one of the largest in the world. It provides employment for 20.3% of the workforce.

Despite these impressive statistics, there’s immense untapped potential. Vicky Dodani explains how food processing can be a game-changer for farmers and consumers alike.

By processing perishable products during their harvest season and increasing their shelf life, India can significantly reduce wastage and provide stable incomes for farmers. Dodani gives an example of tomato processing, where a kilo of tomatoes can be transformed into tomato paste, preserving nutrient value and increasing profitability for both farmers and processors.

Moreover, the government’s “One District, One Product” initiative aims to bolster specific product clusters and create a seamless link between global demand and India’s abundant agricultural resources. This approach can reduce wastage, increase income for farmers, and enhance the country’s overall food processing capabilities.

While there are challenges to overcome, including infrastructure limitations and changing consumer perceptions about processed foods, the future looks promising. With government support, digitalisation, and the quest for global markets, India’s food processing sector is poised for growth.

(Host: Subramani Ra Mancombu; Producers: Nabodita Ganguly, Siddharth MC)

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