The Tata Mumbai Marathon, a pioneering event in India’s distance running landscape, has witnessed significant growth and transformation since its inception. Anil Singh, Founder and Managing Director, Procam International, and Vivek Singh, Joint Managing Director, Procam International, share insights into the marathon’s evolution in this businessline podcast hosted by Anjana PV.

The growth of marathons in India has been remarkable, especially considering the shift from a primarily spectator-driven sporting paradigm to a participatory sports movement. Additionally, the philanthropic element of the Tata Mumbai Marathon was emphasised, with over 270 NGOs leveraging the platform to raise funds and awareness for various causes.

Anil emphasises the revolutionary impact of conducting an iconic marathon through the streets of Mumbai, triggering a shift in perception from mere spectators to active participants. The event’s success was fuelled by five key objectives: bringing pride and prestige to the city, fostering communal harmony, promoting health and wellness, supporting charity, and boosting Indian athletics.

The marathon’s influence extends beyond running, contributing to societal well-being and inspiring individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle. The organisers highlight the importance of sponsorship in fueling the event, with a substantial increase in investment year over year. Sponsorships, along with entry fees and merchandise sales, form the primary revenue streams for the marathon.

The discussion also touches on the role of marketing in shaping the marathon’s iconic status. The marathon has become a symbol of societal impact, showcasing the power of conviction and community participation. Looking ahead, the organisers foresee continued growth in the business of marathons in India. With a surge in social consciousness, increasing emphasis on health and wellness, and a growing number of running events, the marathon industry is poised for significant expansion. Listen in.

(Host: Anjana PV, Producer: Nabodita Ganguly)