From the Fed’s pivot in monetary policy to the likely stance of central banks worldwide, businessline’s Lokeshwarri S K discusses the shifting market sentiments along with Devang Shah, Head Fixed income at Axis Mutual Fund, in this State of the Economy podcast. 

The podcast navigates through the maze of macroeconomic data, exploring the interplay between geopolitical risks, inflationary pressures, and growth projections. Shah provides valuable insights into the bond market dynamics, shedding light on the factors influencing yields and the potential trajectory of interest rates. 

The discussion goes on to examine the ripple effects of Fed policy on global central banks. From the European Central Bank to emerging economies like China and India, they assess the different paths taken by policymakers in response to unique economic challenges. 

As the conversation draws to an end, the spotlight shines on the RBI’s monetary policy stance amidst evolving global trends. Shah provides insightful commentary on how the RBI is navigating the complex terrain of interest rates, inflation dynamics, and external risks.